We offer a wide range of photographic services and specialised in the arts based industries offering services such as image or artwork reproduction, digitising images for archiving and installation photography.

We are the only studio in Perth offering digital photography using the state-of-the-art HD4-50MS Hasselblad camera.  This camera is exceptionally good at producing colour accurate and very detailed digital file that are good for fine art reproduction or documentation.


Imagelab also offers other photographic services such as photography of exhibitions and installations suitable for catalogues or archival purposes.


MULTISHOT Technology


For those not familiar with Multishot backs, a Multishot back is designed to take multiple exposures of the same subject in order to capture more information and minimize extrapolation.

Instead of relying on a single shot the Hasselblad H4D 50 in Multishot mode takes 4 separate exposures, and in so doing, captures accurate information across all three colour channels.

This produces extremely fine detail capture and more accurate colour than any  single shot camera camera.

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