Art Reproduction

We are the only studio in Perth offering digital capture  using the state-of-the-art HD4-50MS Hasselblad camera to make reproductions.

This is the camera choice of Major galleries such as The TATE Modern and the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Almost any artwork can be digitised and fine art prints made with the files. These can range from photographs, paintings, sketches, linoprints, silkscreens and drawings, usually limited edition prints are then printed on demand.


Imagelab can make reproductions of paintings, photographs and drawings. We do this by creating a digital file from the original item and printing this on a variety of papers and media.

We can offer this service to clients in our studio or on location.


MULTISHOT Technology


For those not familiar with Multishot backs, a Multishot back is designed to take multiple exposures of the same subject in order to capture more information and minimize extrapolation.

Instead of relying on a single shot the Hasselblad H4D 50 in Multishot mode takes 4 separate exposures, and in so doing, captures accurate information across all three colour channels.

This produces extremely fine detail capture and more accurate colour than any single shot camera camera.


This is the camera choice of major galleries such as the TATE Modern and the Metropolitan Museum of Art for reproduction.



As part of our workflow we use a process called Colour Management. Colour Management is a process which manages the color consistency between different input and output devices (cameras, monitors, scanners and printers). Different devices can use different methods to produce colour, which means the actual colour values may vary from device to device. This variation can produce unwanted colour shifts, and the colours may not look as you intended. In addition, the perception of colour is variable in some situations. The same colour can look quite different in under different conditions.


Colour Management enables us to keep colour consistency between the different devices by accurately measuring these changes and corrects the changes that can occur during this process.


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