Archival Printing

Imagelab specialises in archival printing and most of our clients are photographers and artists looking for gallery standard prints for exhibition or sale

We provide artists, photographers,  museums, galleries and libraries with a highly specialised and personal digital printing service. We currently produce prints for over 100 emerging and prominent artists and photographers, and also produce for art institutions, galleries, private collectors and corporate clients. We also offer high-end scanning and retouching services, giving clients full input into every step of the process and optimum conditions for printing.




Epson inkjet printers  use  very high quality of specially developed paper and Piezo-technique that gives the ultimate result in color saturation, tonal range  for images. The pigments used by Imagelab are of achival quality and this process is of course a very important condition for artists, galleries and museums.  The maximum width varies depending on  material, from 110 to 160 cm.




Photo Paper  Pearl/Gloss/Matt

Fine Art Photorag

Bamboo Paper



Inkjet Silk and Cotton




As part of our workflow we use a process called Colour Management. Colour Management is a process which manages the color consistency between different input and output devices (cameras, monitors, scanners and printers). Different devices can use different methods to produce colour, which means the actual colour values may vary from device to device. This variation can produce unwanted colour shifts, and the colours may not look as you intended. In addition, the perception of colour is variable in some situations. The same colour can look quite different in under different conditions.


Colour Management enables us to keep color consistency between the different devices by accurately measuring these changes and corrects the changes that can occur during this process.



PICA Install image of Christian Thompson print from the  'King Billy' series

Size: 3 x 3 meters

Medium: Phototex

Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney (MCA) Install image of Jacqueline Ball prints

Medium: Hahnemuhle Photo Rag


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